• Kuchipudi

    A Divine Art Form

    Nathagnyanam nathacchilpam
    Nasa vidya nasa kala
    Nasa yoga naseth karma
    Natyasminenna drisyathe

    There is no intelligence or sculpture,
    No knowledge or art,
    No meditation or ritual
    In this world left untold in the Natya Sastra

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  • Smt. J. Sarada

    Simply put, Sarada lives to share her passion for the arts.

    Sarada Jammi always knew she wanted to be a dancer. She performed for the first time as an eight-year-old. Today, over thirty years later, Sarada has fulfilled her dream. Through dance, she has inspired many others follow theirs through her work as a performer, choreographer, community organizer and mentor.

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  • Our School

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