2015 Summer Sessions

Hello Sri Sai Dance Academy family,

We’ve planned something new for the 2015 Summer Sessions. Putting together the most effective parts of previous summer programs and intensive sessions, we come up with a program that will bring out the best in each of us:
Weekly small group sessions to provide individual attention
Power sessions twice a week to develop strength and stamina
– A weekly class focused on theory, analysis, and reflection
Weekly showcase performances that are open to the public.

This performance class is an opportunity for students to inspire each other, show off their improving technical prowess, and develop their confidence and voice in dance.

Students will be learning new items and polishing and perfecting old pieces. We’ve even got some exciting items planned for each student.

This approach gives us the freedom to continue to allow each student personalized attention while collectively ensuring that all students have opportunities to participate in the program and shine, even if they are juggling other commitments for the summer.

As always, new students are always welcome, and we have carved out time nearly daily to focus on only new students so that they can have significant progress over the summer.

As always, reach out to us if you have any questions, and here’s to an exciting and inspiring summer!