About Us

  • Kuchipudi


    The foundations of Kuchipudi are based on the Natya Shastra, a treatise on dance, music, and drama. This art form is characterized by its scintillating rhythm, quicksilver movements, geometric precision, eloquent and sensitive expressions, and beauty in its technique of presentation.

  • Sri Sai Dance Academy

    Sri Sai Dance Academy

    Sri Sai Dance Academy is an institution dedicated to learning, understanding and fostering interest in the classical art form of Kuchipudi. Sri Sai Dance Academy also offers classes on specialized topics such as talam, nattuvangam, and development of abhinaya that are open to students of other classical Indian dance forms.

  • Smt. J. Sarada

    Smt. J. Sarada

    Smt. J. Sarada is the founder and director of Sri Sai Dance Academy. She has inspired many people through her work as a performer, choreographer, community organizer and mentor.

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